Personal Training - Group Fitness - Nutrition

Be Strong. Enjoy Life.

When you work with AltFit, you get something different: results that last. It’s all thanks to the AltFit mantra of “consistency over the long term”, which is the secret to being lean for life. AltFit will help you improve every aspect of your health in a way that doesn’t mean deciding between your social life and your fitness plan.

Ten workouts a week and banning every food you enjoy because you’re on a ‘health kick’ will get you ripped, but it's no way to live. The idea that you cannot change your body without masochistic sacrifice is false. But don’t get the wrong idea. We are going to sweat, a lot. We are going to eat like champions. The difference is, we have wine with dinner.

Personal and Group Training

Move. Your life depends on it.

I specialize in getting people lean, strong and functional. We’ll never do the same workout twice, and this dedication to variety gets the most out of your muscles and metabolism. My background in sports and fitness is extensive, and I’ll use the best from numerous training disciplines to maximize your gym time. I’ve also spent most of my career working alongside rehab specialists, so there’s no achy joint, pinched shoulder or bad knee that I can’t get moving.

  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Bootcamps
  • Sport Performance Conditioning

Personal Training 1hr Sessions 30min Sessions
Single Sessions $85 $55
5-Pack $400 $250
10-Pack $750 $450
20-Pack $1,400 $800
Group Training 1hr Sessions 30min Sessions
Partner Training $55/person $30/person
Group of 3 or 4 $40/person $20/person
Group of 5 or 6 $30/person $15/person
Bootcamp for 8 - 15 $15/person N/A

Nutritional Coaching

What goes in your mouth will change your entire life.

Since blind adherence to a meal plan lasts about 3 days in real life, I focus on education first. Whether you’re at the grocery store or at the gas station at 2am, you’ll know what choices to make. It starts with creating custom food frameworks that don’t require calorie counting, don’t demonize food groups and include foods you love. Interested in growing your own food? I’m a hard core gardener and can help with that too.

  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Food Frameworks (think flexible meal planning)
  • Grocery Shopping Adventures
  • Cooking Like a Bad Ass Lessons
  • Pre/Post Workout Optimization
  • Sport Performance Nutrition
  • Garden and Aquaponic System Set Up

Nutrition Service Rate
Initial Consultation + Food Framework

Includes body composition assessment, food diary analysis, custom food framework creation and 1.5hr education/planning session.

$275 ($200 when combined with 10+ training session package)
Nutrition and Body Composition Follow-ups

Includes measurements, diet review and adjustments to food framework.

$85 ($75 when combined with 10+ training session package)

Certifications & Experience

The body fascinates me, and I squat jump at every chance to learn about its mysteries.

With over 10 years’ experience in personal training, group fitness, nutrition coaching, high performance athletics, fitness modeling and fitness writing, the body and I go way back. Check out my street cred:

  • Alberta Fitness Leader Resistance Training Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
  • Physical Solutions Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Fitness Kickboxing Canada Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified TRX Trainer
  • Roll Release™ Foam Rolling Certified
  • CPR Heart Saver Level C

I’m a Real Person

“Bad mistakes - I've made a few. I've had my share of sand kicked in my face. But I've come through.”
-Freddy Mercury

When I didn’t grow up to be a super hero, I was pissed – I’d much rather have laser raptors attack me than email. So while I continued to patiently wait for the lab accident that would alter my destiny forever, I ended up investing a considerable amount of time, money and effort into looking like an X-Man. One thing led to another, a couple training and nutrition certifications here, uncompromising denial there and next thing I knew I was fitness modeling. Dream job alert right?

Well… it took a plate of nachos followed up by a car accident to wake me up to what really matters in life, and it forever changed my perspective on the intersection of body, mind and spirit.

Let’s just say I’ve conquered every body image, food phobia demon out there. I’ve worked an unengaging, yet all consuming, 9 to never leave the office ‘career’ job while struggling to get work outs in. I’ve stressed over my finances and think butter is a food group. Why tell you this? I want you to know I have nothing but empathy for how hard it is to change your life. But I also want you to know that you can.

The idea that anything less than rigid adherence to the latest exercise or nutritional program is failure is a well-marketed fear, which makes the fitness industry a lot of money. I strive to be living proof that you can be lean, healthy and strong while allowing all the joys of life to come through.

I promise to meet you wherever you’re at, and we’ll go from there to pretty darn awesome. So, the choice is yours: keep running on the hamster wheel that the fitness industry wants to sell you or spend time with a real person and kick serious ass.

Let's Get Started

The Gym

Private. Friendly. No bros.

AltFit operates out of Physical Solutions – a private fitness and rehabilitation facility where participants come to work with their trainer or athletic therapist. It’s a chill, open space that’s loaded with the latest equipment and free from crowds. There’s plenty of parking too.

6624 Centre Street S.E.
Suite 1
Calgary, AB
T2H 0C6